Ethiopian Livestock Feeds Project Synthesis Meeting

28-29 May 2012
Addis Ababa

Quick identification of feed priority areas, generated by participants in small groups

  • Selection of food-feed crops to improve crop residue value[genetic improvement of feed value of food fee crops]

  • Need more actors in the feed markets

  • Lack of market oriented forage production

  • Scale up intensive production of fodder under irrigation

  • Asses export of oil seeds us processing locally so that the cakes can be available for livestock feeding

  • More within-country processing of oil seeds

  • Crop residue: strong and improving and formulation with local feed stuffs

  • Enhancing better CR storage, and simple physical treatment to improve quality

  • Mechanization of agriculture and intensification of livestock production

  • Crop production has to be mechanized and its dependences on livestock should be reduced so that livestock production intensification

  • Institutionalize forage seed production and marketing

  • Forage seed development and marketing

  • Improvement of crop residue through urea molasses treatment

  • Making available real time feed market information system

  • Planting forages on soil and water conservation structures, under zero grazing

  • Introduce crop residue chopper especially for sorghum/maize stovers to improve intake and performance of livestock

  • Promotion of feed conservation methodologies

  • Institutionalizing feed marketing regulations

  • Taxation particularly VAT is not considered for food items from agro-industries but feeds as a by products are heavily taxed feeds from agro-industry should be exempted for some kind of taxation like VAT

  • Pasture rehabilitation and management of stocking rates

  • Grazing(pasture) - managing stocking rate + policy issues: land use policy

  • Pasture rehabilitation and management of stocking rates