Ethiopian Livestock Feeds Project Synthesis Meeting

28-29 May 2012
Addis Ababa


  • first such tool
  • 'farmer problems; farmer solutions'
  • good to facilitate discussion/participation
  • helps identify problems and farmer solutions
  • adaptable across livestcok value chains? (PRA)
  • captures livelihood issues
  • it's rapid (less farmer time)
  • it is systematic
  • offers an opportunity to educate farmers
  • offers a comprehensive discussion guide

  • individual sample size is too small/farmer
  • it is knowledge intensive (needs experts)
  • productivity parameters limited to milk?
  • allows data input from a max of 6 individuals?
  • lack of clarity on spatial scale
  • when presenting, people perhaps overlook the PRA results in favour of the excel charts

Opportunities to use
  • needs to be adapted to pigs/small ruminants value chains
  • can be used to capture past development activities and scope/successes/failures; potential linkages
  • could collect larger individual data through group facilitation (farmers facilitated to fill individual questions)
  • enhanced promotion and training on the tool (especially development partners)
  • relate constraints to production factors