Introductory remark by Dr. Edmealem Shitaye, Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture.

  • The Government of Ethiopia recognizes the importance of agricultural policy.
  • The agriculture sector in general, and livestock sector in particular, recieve significant attention at all levels.
  • Feed above all is a critical constraint.

"We need simple but effective tools."

Fodder and feed in livestock value chains in Ethiopia – trends and prospects
An introduction to the project by Alan Duncan, ILRI

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Why are we here?
  • Feed scoping
  • The timeline is very tight, so we need to be focusing our minds and doing things quickly
  • The project is about tools... refining tools for FRA, VCA, RMA and FTP
  • Doing some value chain analysis and also interested in feed within the chain (will be developing a database for this)
  • There's an emphasis on sheep in this project – it fits into the wider CGIAR project 'CRP 3.7' (milk, meat & fish for and by the poor)
  • Secondary database assessment on the Menz area
  • Synthesis workshop in late May
  • This is a small project. Because it’s small, and because it’s a scoping project, the hope is to link in with larger initiatives
  • Larger initiatives include: (a) Gates funded East Africa Dairy Development project (EADD) running for the last 4 years and now expanding into Ethiopia and Tanzania – “EADD II” (b) Livestock Growth Program (c) CIDA-funded Livestock Value Chain Enhancement project (LIVES) (e) Market-linked Innovation for Dairy Development program (MIDD) and all of these projects could use simple, rapid tools.
  • This is a scoping study, which might yet become a bigger initiative
  • Evolving the objective means putting boundaries around ambitions because of the size of project and time available
  • Developing three refined tools – Value Chain Assessment (VCA), Feed Asssessment Tool (FEAST), Feed Tech Prioritization (Techfit)
  • FEAST is a PRA exercise involving structured questions and a quantitative assessment to support the first step
  • Techfit was developed last year at a workshop in India and is less developed that FEAST (through this workshop we are hoping to develop it further)

Techfit --
  • Is feed the issue?
  • All possible feed technologies (74)
  • 'Discussion tools' were popular at one stage, but are not very effective.
  • Often tools are applied only by researchers, but need be applied by a consortium of people – i.e. researchers and those who work in the development sector
  • Gap = How can we use these tools to initiate action, not just for diagnosis, but to lead to some change

  • Hoping to run trainings and begin field testings in March
  • Challenging meeting key deadlines
  • Light not extensive fieldwork
  • Light not lengthy reports
  • Need to match ambitions to the amount of time available